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                                                 Rhonna Nelson, LMSW, ACSW, CAADC, P.C.   

I believe in a team approach to the therapeutic process.

I believe you and I need to clearly identify what the goals are that you want to achieve during your therapy experience.

I believe the therapy process begins from the first phone contact, inclusive of my prompt response to your call.  You made the first step by making contact, and I make the next in scheduling that first appointment as soon as possible.

I believe in the value of face-to-face therapy.  The direct contact enhances the opportunity for interpersonal interaction.  This can facilitate the healing necessary for improving your quality of life. 

I believe this first step demonstrates to yourself that you have the courage that you will need for this, and future journeys.

I believe that as a team it is important to develop and maintain open communication.  I have a direct approach style, and invite you to be as direct with me.  This will be good practice in utilizing assertiveness, and healthy communication skills.

Rhonna Nelson, LMSW, ACSW ,CAADC, P.C.

Most Insurances Accepted - Evening and Saturday Hours Available

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